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Barcelona’s 2:2 away tie with Celta last season directly ruined the lead before the rematch, and this game also put the contradictions in the Barcelona locker room on the table.


Now it's nothing but people. Suarez, the original scoring hero, has gone away from Atletico, and Mesús connection no longer exists. Watching Koeman lead Barcelona to break the curse of not winning Celta away.


Coman's 4231 should be the most commonly used method of play in Barcelona. From Barcelona's warm-up match and the current Barcelona players, 4231 may be Coman's optimal solution for Barcelona's formation. However, he has continued the same lineup in two games (Gamber Cup vs. Elche, La Liga vs. Villarreal), facing a week of double matches, will Koeman boldly implement a rotation? You know, Setien coached Barcelona, ​​there is basically no rotation, and even after the rematch there are 5 substitutions, Setien only used 2 substitutions.


This round is away against Celta, and the next round is home to Sevilla. Both games are tough. I wonder if Koeman will implant the rotation into Barcelona's DNA from the beginning?


However, even with the rotation, let's analyze the players Coman can choose.


On the defensive line, Filpo and Umtiti were absent due to injury. The only thing that can be adjusted is the position of the central defender. Araujo can replace Pique or Langley, but Koeman will easily let Araujo. Starting? The answer is probably no. The four-man team in the defense is still the starters of Alba, Pique, Langley and Roberto.

在防守线上,菲尔波和乌姆蒂蒂因伤缺席。唯一可以调整的是中央后卫的位置。 Araujo可以取代Pique或Langley,但Koeman会轻松地让Araujo。开始?答案可能是否定的。防守中的四人队仍然是阿尔巴,皮克,兰利和罗伯托的首发球员。

As for the midfielder’s midfielder, I personally feel that Pjanic played quite well as a substitute for Busquets against Villarreal. In fact, Pjanic can replace Busquets in the start, although both He is a veteran over 30 years old, but the formal meaning is greater than the actual meaning, which can make the outside world feel that Coman boldly implements the rotation and focuses on upgrading the lineup.


And De Jong, as a direct player of Koeman, is undoubtedly the starting position. Although against the yellow submarine, several missed touches caused the ball to be lost. However, young is the capital after all, and De Jong was still the last round. Too many defensive tasks must be taken into account.

作为Koeman的直接角色的De Jong无疑是首发位置。尽管碰到了黄色潜水艇,但几次失误都使球丢了。然而,毕竟年轻才是首都,德容仍然是最后一轮。必须考虑太多的防御任务。

The four-man combination in the front court should be the most headache for Coman. Fati’s strong rise, coupled with his own Rama attributes and young people, should have more chances to play. Messi and Griezman also It should be the first choice, the only variable is Coutinho who started last round.


The last round of Barcelona's offense was basically concentrated on the left, and the right was almost close to a misfire. Especially in the first half, more than half of the offense came from the left. If Messi returns to the middle and hand over the right to the young teenager Trincon, can he achieve a state of flying on both wings?


In fact, it should not be common to implement rotation at the beginning of the season, but there are more Barcelona veterans in double matches a week. If a reasonable rotation is slightly, it should be beneficial to Barcelona. After all, at this time, fans are more willing to see , The diversity of Barcelona's play and how Barcelona transitioned.


(PS: Just when the author finished writing this, Koeman said in an interview with the media that there is no need to rotate)




Messi said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "Daily Sport" that Barcelona fans must unite, all things have passed, and they must concentrate and win the game.


Messi’s voice is undoubtedly a reassurance for the entire dressing room, the fans, and the entire Barcelona. Don’t involve too many things. The new season has begun. Barcelona’s goal is to win the game and win one after another. The team, go to regain the lost trophy title.


The adjustment of Messi’s mentality will directly affect the state of the entire team. In the last round against Villarreal, Messi performed well, but he scored a 7-foot shot and only scored a penalty, which is not the true state of Messi. Reaction, against Celta, still needs Messi's play. Because Celta's iron barrel array impressed the entire Barcelona and even Messi.


Griezman, if it weren't for Koman's promise, he might have left the team this summer. The overlap with Messi’s position made the former Atletico King’s life at Barcelona extremely embarrassing. Most importantly, the French forward has failed to score in 7 consecutive official games. The most recent goal has to be traced back to the last one. In the 34th round of La Liga this season, Barcelona beat Villarreal 4:1 away. Griezmann received an assist from Messi and scored Barcelona's third goal. Although Griezmann is often involved in defense and off-the-ball running in the current Barcelona formation, the goal is still to measure a forward player. Whether Griezmann can score a goal against Celta is worth looking forward to.


Of course, in addition to Messi and Griezman, Barcelona has other players that are worth looking forward to, such as Fati, whether he can score goals in a row, whether Phuket can get a chance to play, and whether veteran Alba can continue his good form. ...

当然,除了梅西和格里兹曼外,巴塞罗那还有其他值得期待的球员,例如法蒂,他是否可以连续进球,普吉岛是否有机会参加比赛以及老将阿尔巴能否继续他的比赛。好形式。 ...





Nowadays, the so-called "Sinner" Umtiti will certainly not be able to play in that game, but physical fitness is the cause of Barcelona's almost collapse in the second half, and the decline in physical fitness is due to age, the back line has not changed, and it is still the team of last season , Is still the "old" defense line, how not to collapse in the second half, depends on Koeman's on-the-spot scheduling and whether he can get enough lead in the first half.




In fact, too much analysis and too much reasoning are all in vain. In the end, it depends on the performance of 11 people on the field and the scheduling of the coach on the spot. Looking forward to Barcelona's two consecutive victories.




The author predicts that Barcelona will start: Neto; Alba, Pique, Langley, Roberto; De Jong, Busquets; Fati, Coutinho, Messi; Griezmann


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